Kari Berg is an experienced model, mainly working in the areas of fashion, alternative and artistic contexts. She has been in the modelling world for several years and is an experienced model in both runway and print.

In 2005 Kari became part of “Nocturnal Agency“, working mainly in the alternative scene presenting models with an “edge”. In 2007 she joined the well known fashion agency “Stockholmsgruppen”. She was one of the first Swedish alternative models being able to combine both fashion and alternative styles of modelling.

Kari was called “The Chameleon” by a photographer after he saw how many different looks she had when modelling. In time it became more of a trademark for her. Modelling to Kari is…
– “It’s a way for me to combine several things I love. I get to act and play different parts. It’s creative in so many ways” she says.

During the years Kari has been published for example in Marie Claire, Kamera & Bild, Skin Two, QLTR and Göteborgsposten. She has worked with designers like Atsuko Kudo and Naucler Design. She has appeared in advertisement for Mariart and Sveriges Frisörföretagare and done runway shows at Umeå Fashion Week, STHLM Fashion Market and German Fetish Ball.