Collaboration with Psy’Aviah on “Becoming Human”

On November 1st 2019, Antwerp-based Psy’Aviah is releasing the album “Soul Searching“. Kari is participating on the first track of the album, called “Becoming Human (ft. Prof Dr. Dirk De Wachter)“, lending her vocals to the choir of eerie voices reading the poem in their native languages (where Kari translated the poem to Swedish).

You can order the album with the following options:
– Bandcamp:
– Physical CD:
– Physical 2CD special edition:
– Physical autographed limited & numbered USB Box edition:
– Spotify, Apple Music & other streaming services: available after release around nov 1st +/-

EP “Music from Fjärilarnas stad”

The coming days, Kari Berg’s EP “Music from Fjärilarnas stad” will be out on most major platforms. It’s the soundtrack for the book “Fjärilarnas stad” by Ingrid Remvall where Kari portrayed the main character “Vega”. Find it on most major platforms. Thanks to Nikdesign for helping make Vega come to life, Hillevi Norberg for giving her wings and Christian Gschweng for dressing her up!

Musicvideo “It’s Just Words”

The musicvideo for the song “It’s Just Words” with Kari Berg featuring Psy’Aviah is now out! It was made as part of the campaign for RTSI to raise awareness about discrimination against subcultures. Go and take a look!

A big thank you to Yves Schelpe, Ickykitten, Sin Weaver, everyone who helped with the video, everyone in RTSI, everyone who supports RTSI and all my fans.

Read more about the RTSI initiative:

Chaos All Stars release ‘Legacy’ EP

Kari Berg releases an EP with her band Chaos All Stars. Released online today – October 23rd.

1 Legacy (feat. Kari Berg)
2 Bloodline
3 Watch Me Burn
4 Epic (2014)

Have a listen and enjoy:

New song “Under The Light”

New song released with Jean-Marc Lederman (former Front 242).

You can find Kari with two songs on Alfa Matrixs new CD+bonus sound card. First one is with Chaos All Stars and the song “Sinners” and the second one is a new song with Jean-Marc Lederman and I called “Under The Lights”.