DJ @ Sunset Park 2013

Kari will be DJing during the club night “Klubb Spektra” at Sunset Park festival on Friday August 30th, 2013. Other DJs during the evening will be Eskil (Covenant), Zynthexia (Lumous Gothic Festival), Jyrki Witch (Lumous Gothic Festival) and Briseis. Live on stage will be Asperger Synthdrome (Adora BatBrat).

Resume 2012

Here is an extract from Kari’s resume during 2012.

  • Starred in the film ”Vi är som apelsiner” aka ”We are like Oranges”
  • Released the album “I Need it All” with Chaos All Stars
  • Collaborated with Johann Frid aka StraussExMachina
  • Collaborated with Jean-Marc Lederman (former Front242)
  • Was Mistress of Ceremonies at the German Fetish Ball
  • Worked with designers such as Sin Weaver, Westward Bound, Rapunzel of Sweden, All you need is gloves
  • Did many different modelling shoots
  • Did about 6 or more runways for example at German Fetish Ball, Hållbarhetsveckan and Umeå Fashion Week
  • Published in Sinical Magazine, FIXe, Fetishistas and Marie Claire

DJ @ Sunset Park 2012

Kari will be DJing during the club night “Klubb Spektra” at Sunset Park festival on Friday August 24th, 2012. Other DJs during the evening will be DJ Coldtrack and DJ Briseis. Elin Kåven from Norway will do a dance performance during the evening.

DJ @ Turning Japanese 2011

Kari is arranging the event “Turning Japanese” which she is also DJing at.

Now it’s time to take a trip to Japan! We will decorate Pipes of Scotland in a Japanese spirit and will play everything from traditional Japanese music to Visual Kei and bubblegum pop, some anime OP / ED can probably also pop in now and then!
We encourage people to come “in costume”, we would love to see you in kimonos, Lolita, Visual Kei styles, or anything that flirts with Japan.

During the evening we also have a “costume contest” and the one that looks coolest will get a nice little present which is sponsored by Tehörnan! The only rules is that you will look “Japanese” in honor to this evening!

You are all welcome! (Free entrance. Age: 18 years)

DJs will be Kari Berg and Jimmy T.

You can find the event at Facebook here.

Published in QLTR #4

Kari is featured in the newest number of QLTR. She is both published with a picture from a fashion show for O.N.L.Y at Umeå Fashion Week and also an article about the film “We Are Like Oranges” which she is starring in.