Impressions from Iron Sky: The Coming Race – World Premiere

On January 14th Kari Berg went to Helsinki, Finland to join Timo Vuorensola, Udo Kier, Lara Rossi, Kit Dale, Julia Dietze and more for the world premiere of Iron Sky: The Coming Race.

If you want to watch the live stream it is published here Iron Sky: The Coming Race – Live feed.
You can also see a small trailer from Iron Sky: The Coming Race – World Premiere Teaser.

Kari Berg and Udo Kier


Shock and RTSI

Shock store is highlighting the project RTSI, that Kari is projectmanaging, for Valentine’s Day! It’s really fun that RTSIs work are appreciated and that Shock is helping to spread the word! RTSI is collaborating with Shock around this initiative and we are really happy that they choose to lift the importance of working against prejudices. Kari is the model on the pictures that are being used.

Read and see more from their campaign:


Extremely happy news is now coming from Kari Berg whom started working as project leader for “Rätten till sin Identitet” (The Right to your Identity). It’s a project that works with the subject about discrimination against subcultures.