Collaboration with Psy’Aviah on “Becoming Human”

On November 1st 2019, Antwerp-based Psy’Aviah is releasing the album “Soul Searching“. Kari is participating on the first track of the album, called “Becoming Human (ft. Prof Dr. Dirk De Wachter)“, lending her vocals to the choir of eerie voices reading the poem in their native languages (where Kari translated the poem to Swedish).

You can order the album with the following options:
– Bandcamp:
– Physical CD:
– Physical 2CD special edition:
– Physical autographed limited & numbered USB Box edition:
– Spotify, Apple Music & other streaming services: available after release around nov 1st +/-

DJ @ Sunset Park 2013

Kari will be DJing during the club night “Klubb Spektra” at Sunset Park festival on Friday August 30th, 2013. Other DJs during the evening will be Eskil (Covenant), Zynthexia (Lumous Gothic Festival), Jyrki Witch (Lumous Gothic Festival) and Briseis. Live on stage will be Asperger Synthdrome (Adora BatBrat).

DJ @ Sunset Park 2012

Kari will be DJing during the club night “Klubb Spektra” at Sunset Park festival on Friday August 24th, 2012. Other DJs during the evening will be DJ Coldtrack and DJ Briseis. Elin Kåven from Norway will do a dance performance during the evening.

DJ @ Turning Japanese 2011

Kari is arranging the event “Turning Japanese” which she is also DJing at.

Now it’s time to take a trip to Japan! We will decorate Pipes of Scotland in a Japanese spirit and will play everything from traditional Japanese music to Visual Kei and bubblegum pop, some anime OP / ED can probably also pop in now and then!
We encourage people to come “in costume”, we would love to see you in kimonos, Lolita, Visual Kei styles, or anything that flirts with Japan.

During the evening we also have a “costume contest” and the one that looks coolest will get a nice little present which is sponsored by Tehörnan! The only rules is that you will look “Japanese” in honor to this evening!

You are all welcome! (Free entrance. Age: 18 years)

DJs will be Kari Berg and Jimmy T.

You can find the event at Facebook here.

Resume 2008

In 2008 Kari Berg was acting in Thomas Di Leva music video “Öppnar mitt hjärta”, she had the leading part alongside Armand Mirpour. Kari also did a appearance in Elegant Machinery’s music video “Feel The Silence”. Kari did not only act in musicvideos this year, she herself joined the synth-pop duo Ashbury Heights as the new female vocalist.

Kari was published in the Swedish photo magazine Kamera & Bild #12 2008, Nocturnal Models Agency calendar 208 with the band Deathstars, in a beauty article in Nolltvå #9 and on BONZAs homepage.

She also did several catwalks this year, working several times with Dominika Skansen and her brand/store C.U.M Clubwear but also doing a catwalk on a truck bed at Stockholm Pride Parade for Sara Maria Ahrenius.