Since 2016, Kari Berg is an official ambassador for the Sophie Lancaster Foundation.

The project RTSI (Rätten till sin identitet / Right to your identity), is a three-year project that works against discrimination of alternative subcultures like goth, punk and more. The project works with a group of youths as the base of the project that during the first year will tell their stories on how they have experienced bullying, abuse and more because of their styles. These stories will be published in a publication. During year two RTSI will work with artists that will use these stories to give them life and during year three RTSI will go on tour in Sweden.

Kari was one of the idea givers to the project and works as project leader for it. The project is close to her heart since she has experienced exclusion, bullying and more because of her style. She says “It’s important that people talk about this topic, because it is a problem. You see people lose their life’s merely because someone thinks they look ‘wrong’. We already see a wonderful work on this topic in England with S.O.P.H.I.E Lancaster Foundation, and we think it’s time that these questions gets raised in Sweden too.

This is Sweden’s first project like this and also the first that have gotten financing. The project is owned by Kulturens Bildningsverksamhet, in cooperation with KF Kretsen and financed by Allmänna Arvsfonden.