Resume 2013

Here is an extract from Kari’s resume during 2013.

  • Presented the European Fetish Award 2013 at German Fetish Ball
  • Performed live with Chaos All Stars and Dark Side Cowboys
  • Sang on Dark Side Cowboys album “Chronicles”
  • Worked with designers such as Tomas Ponga, Bondinage, IDAG Design and Sin Weaver
  • Did several runways. For example at German Fetish Ball, Sunset Park, Umeå Fashion Week and Nocturnal Agency’s Halloween Ball
  • Did many different modelling shoots
  • Released a song with Jean-Marc Lederman (former Front 242) called “Under The Light”
  • Had several DJ sets
  • Published in magazines such as Teen Spirit Magazine, Nachtaktiv Magazine and QLTR
  • Was on the radio