Kari & CAS gig at Tech Noir

Kari and Chaos All Stars will perform at “Tech Noir” on November 5th. The theme for the night is Halloween, so to celebrate this special occasion Chaos All Stars will perform live with the most all stars on stage so far and the concert will be a unique performance featuring never before heard songs.

Chaos All Stars also talks about Kari’s collaboration:
It is an honour for Chaos All Stars to welcome vocalist and model Kari Berg on stage and this gig will be the first official performance of the song “We Are The Sinners” with Chaos All Stars feat Kari. Kari has been working on her solo project for some time now and on that journey our roads crossed, resulting in a creative and intense collaboration. The outcome is the collaboration “We Are The Sinners”, a duet with Nik and Kari about how the mainstream approach on the alternative expressions works. The song is to be released later on but everyone at Tech Noir on November 5th will get to hear it live first!