Kari Berg is a singer-songwriter. She is active solo and with projects like Kattkräk, Chaos All Stars but also collaborates with other bands.

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In 2015, Kari Berg celebrated 10 years as a model. With publications in magazines, book covers, catwalks and photoshoots she has a lot of experience.

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Kari Berg is available to book for DJ-sets. You can either get her as a solo-DJ, or together with her companions in her DJ-set. She plays mostly alternative music.

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With seven years in theatre school, two long-films (Iron Sky 2), music-videos and also several gigs as MC, Kari Berg have a lot of experience on the stage and in front of the camera.

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Cover of QLTR #3

Kari is on the cover of the magazine QLTR #3 2011. The shot was taken by Mattias Lönneborg as part of the fashion coverage within the magazine featuring vintage clothing. The magazine can be found online at where you also can find more pictures of Kari from this session. Hair by fabulous Maria Olofsson from Styling Crew and makeup was made by Lisa Lantz.

Video from Sunset Park 2011

Kari was on the catwalk for “<a title=”Naucler Design” href=”” target=”_blank”>Naucler Design</a>” at “<a title=”Sunset Park” href=”” target=”_blank”>Sunset Park</a>” Festival in Umeå, Sweden. The show was very appreciated and there is even a video from it that you can see here, Kari was first out.

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Kari extra in the film “Burning Hearts”

Today Kari filmed a scene, where she is an extra in the film “Burning Hearts”. It’s “A Film About Love and Passion” and this is what producer Jonas Overton says about it:
Small time criminal petty thief J is from the Southern Swedish city of Malmö. He dreams of a new life abroad but lacks the money to achieve that. He sees his chance in a drug deal, then travels to Stockholm to complete the transaction with the treacherous crime boss Dragan. The deal goes sour and completely wrong. J then finds himself in the capitol city with his bankroll… knowing instantly who to turn to for help, the unforgettable Josephine, a former lover and full time entertainment journalist.