The Fetishistas about GFB 2012

TheFetishistas writes about German Fetish Ball 2012 where Kari will be Mistress of Ceremonies.

“The Ball, back at its traditional Matrix venue (Berlin’s answer to London’s sadly missed SeOne) on the evening of Sunday 27, will be hosted this year by Sweden’s pervy popster Kari Berg of Chaos All Stars, who’ll be introducing fashion shows from nine designers on the Matrix catwalk.”
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Reflections of Darkness reviews “I Need It All”

Reflections of Darkness have reviewed “I Need It All”!

Pursued by ‘We Are The Sinners’, a slow-speed velvety electronic music part with a pleasant melody and some nice arrangements and the great and memorable voice of Kari Berg.
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SoftSynth review of “I Need It All”

SoftSynth wrote a review about Kari and Chaos All Stars new CD “I Need It All” and it was great.

“Berg, also a model, was known largely to this blogger as merely “one of the most painfully beautiful women in the industry, who also sang on that Ashbury Heights album” is now starting to carve out a meaningful niche as a solid vocalist who has joined up with an extremely promising new act (which includes founders OlkK and Nik), that could have a long and fruitful life.” – SothSynth

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